Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1914

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  2 March 2018
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Margaret M

not graduated due to absence; no others in 1914 class. Born 2 Feb 1896 in Warner, Antrim, Michigan to John Francis McLEAR (born 1863 CAN, d 1929 MI) and Nora Octavia (LAMAY, b Mar 1873 MI, d 27 Apr 1919, Conrad MT).

In 1900, the family was in Warner Twp MI, and comprised both parents, plus Florence (b Mar 1893 MI), John (b May 1894 MI), & Margaret.

In 1910, the family lived on Riverside Ave, in Sherman precinct, Cd'A. Nora reported 5 births, 3 living. Also in the home is King T LAMAY, Nora's brother, age 18. John and King are common laborers.

Margaret married 3 June 1918 at Great Falls MT to Erastus Lawrence LEISHMAN. In 1920, they lived in (newly formed) Pondera County, Montana, with daughter Jean. In 1930, Margaret was divorced, living in Spokane, without a child.

Margaret died 18 Feb 1989 in Boise. Lawrence died 1964 in Pondera.

Possible classmate: Grace BRENNAN (more information). Other possible classmates: Mary J McARTHUR, who married Bill ROCHE. Sr Clement SCHERMANSON, (Elsa, b c 1895, sister of Sr Aloysia '10).

John F(dad)

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