Alumni of IHM Academy, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, class of 1914

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  11 Nov 2014
Last Name First Name Notes Cemetery
McLEAR Margaret M

not graduated due to absence; no others in 1914 class. Born Feb 1896 in Wamer, Antrim, Michigan to John McLEAR (born 1863 CAN) and Nora O (LAMAY, b Mar 1873 MI).

In 1900, the family was in Wamer MI, and comprised both parents, plus Florence (b Mar 1893 MI), John (b May 1894 MI), & Margaret.

In 1910, the family lived on Riverside Ave, in Sherman precinct, Cd'A. Nora reported 5 births, 3 living. Also in the home is King T LAMAY, Nora's brother, age 18. John and King are common laborers. No further records found.

Possible classmate: Grace BRENNAN (more information). Other possible classmates: Mary J McARTHUR, who married Bill ROCHE. Sr Clement SCHERMANSON, (Elsa, b c 1895, sister of Sr Aloysia '10).


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