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RONALD family information

1925 Ralphine (Raphine) RONALD

Born 24 Oct 1907 in California to Robert M and Leona (MATHEWSON) RONALD. Died Bethesda MD on 18 Aug 2001. Buried in Arlington National cemetery, Section 65 Site 615. Survived by husband, Rear Admiral Merlin H STARING, USN (ret).


RONALD ancestry

In 1900, Robert RONALD, b Jan 1885 IL, was living in Minter WA, with his mother and stepfather. His mother, Marian (PATTERSON?) [RONALD] PARSONS, born Aug 1859 in Scotland, immigrated in 1877. She married #2 Charles PARSONS c1907, and has 7 children born and alive. also in HH, besides Robert's 6 siblings, is his grandmother, Marian BISHOP, b Sep 1821 in Scotland, widow, 1 birth (daughter Marian). --18 Jun 1900, Pierce Co WA, ED146 p1A [285] view census (fee req'd). The PATTERSONS are found in the 1880 census of Woodland PA --view census transcript.

In 1910, Robert M RONALD, 24 IL, lived in Spokane with his wife and 2 children. The family comprised: Robert, a moulder at an iron works, in his first marriage, owns home with mortgage at E223 Bridgeport; Leona (MATHEWSON), 23 MN (parents b CAN, WI), also in her first marriage for 3 years, with 2 births and living children: Raphine, 2 CA, and Raymond, 1 CA. --18 Apr 1910, Elgin pct, Spokane ward 5, ED194 p3B census image (fee req'd). Ray shows up in the California birth index, b 23 Nov 1908; Raphine is not listed.

In 1920, the family lived in Everett WA, and comprised: Ralphine age 12 CA with her father Robert 34 IL, widow, moulder in iron works; and brother Raymond, age 11 CA; mother b MN. No mention of brother Ronald, b 11 Jan 1911 in Spokane. --12 Jan 1920, Snohomish Co WA, Everett ward 6, ED157 p8B, census image (fee req'd)

In 1930, Raphine was a bookkeeper for an insurance office in Moscow ID. --26 Apr 1930, Moscow, Latah, ID, ED14 p11A census image (fee req'd). No sign of her brother, who may be in Oregon, where Raphine's father and new family live: Robert, 45, foreman for an electric company, age 45 b IA (?), with wife Blanche G, and son Charles RONALD, age 2 OR. --Portland OR, ED182 p6B.

Robert M RONALD, b 17 Jun 1885 in Illinois, died 5 May 1966 in Oregon. At death, his spouse was listed as Clara [#3?]. Clara died in 1977.

MATHEWSON ancestry

Raphine's mother, Leona J MATHEWSON, was born Mar 1886 in Minnesota to Angeline A (HILL) [later m George MATHEWSON]. The father of Leona and her sister, Myrtle, is unknown.

In 1870, Angeline HILL, age 2, appeared in the census with her parents and grandparents in Vernon county WI. The family comprised: David W HILL, 32 IL, farmer; Mary, 26 IN; Charles, 10 WI; William, 8 WI; Jesse, 3 WI; Angeline, and Dora, 3mo WI. Next door is William HILL, 61 VT, farmer; wife Olive A, 37 NY; and three more HILL children. --22 Aug 1870, Hillsboro, Vernon, WI p10-11.

In 1880, Angeline A HILL, 12 WI, lived with her parents and grandmother in Wilkin Co MN. The family comprised: David W, 42 IL, farmer; Mary M, 37 IN; children, all b WI: Charles E 19; William 18; Jessie [female] 13; Angeline 12; Dora 10; John 8; Nancy 6, Mary 4, Lulu 2, and Ada 8mo, along with Mary M (HILL's) mother, Nancy HAYDEN, 77 PA (parents b VA). See census transcript.

In 1900, the MATTHEWSON family lived in Williston ND, and comprised: George, 32, boilermaker helper, married 10 years, owns home, no mtge; wife Angeline A (HILL), 32, this marriage 10 years, 5 births, 4 living; Leona J, 14 MN, at school; Myrtle M, 12 (b Jan 1888 MN), at school; Ada I, b Jun 1898 ND; Georgie I, female, b Nov 1899 ND. Also in HH is Thomas MATHEWSON, 25, (b Feb 1875 CAN, immig 1896), brother of George. --8 Jun 1900, Williston, Williams Co ND, ED217 p4B. view census image (fee req'd).

In 1910, the family lived in Tacoma WA, and comprised: George & Angelina A, plus Ada 11 ND, Georgia 10 ND & George R 3 WA. -- Pierce Co WA, ward 4, ED249 p2B view census image (fee req'd). There is some confusion here: Angeline now reports 7 births, but only 2 living (but there are 3 chn in the household, plus Leona and Myrtle ??) perhaps Angeline is not the mother of some of these . . . although 3 were born since the marriage . . ..     |     Leona was in Spokane, with Robert (see above).

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